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  • How Much eWaste is Trashed vs RecycledHow Much eWaste is Trashed vs Recycled
    Using EPA stats, this article charts how much eWaste is recycled or simply trashed in the US. Televisions make up a huge chunk total waste tonnage, but mobile device waste is growing.
  • A Makeover for the R2 StandardA Makeover for the R2 Standard
    John Lingelbach, Executive Director, R2 Solutions, wrote this paper about transitioning the ITAD industry to R2 for ITAK magazine. John will be speaking at the upcoming eWaste Management Summit.


  • Anticipated Attendee ListAnticipated Attendee List
    Download the Anticipated Attendee & Speaker Snapshot to see who you'll be able to network with and hear from at the e-Waste Management Summit.
  • Convince Your Boss LetterConvince Your Boss Letter
    Do you need funding or approval from your boss to attend the 4th eWaste Management Summit in San Francisco? For help, download our Convince Your Boss Letter.


  • Q&A: Rewriting the Book on E-RecyclingQ&A: Rewriting the Book on E-Recycling
    Jim Madden moved to Barnes & Noble two years ago as National Manager of E-Recycling. In this interview,he discusses the challenges of complying with state and federal regulations and getting B&N stakeholders to buy into e-cycling efforts.
  • Q&A: Electronics Stewardship: Saving Money and the EnvironmentQ&A: Electronics Stewardship: Saving Money and the Environment
    In this interview, Cate Berard, Environmental Protection Specialist at the EPA, discusses how important it is to responsibly manage electronics, and lessons that can be applied to multiple sectors.
  • Q&A: The Rewards and Challenges of Reverse LogisticsQ&A: The Rewards and Challenges of Reverse Logistics
    In this interview, Dennis Pettit, Director of Reverse Logistics at T-Mobile, discusses the important role RL plays in T-Mobile’s overall business model, successful RL strategies, and the future of the business.
  • Q&A: Becoming a Leader in Electronics SustainabilityQ&A: Becoming a Leader in Electronics Sustainability
    Douglas Smith, Sony’s Director of Corporate Environment Safety and Health, joins Energy IQ to talk about producer responsibility and product stewardship, and how Sony has become a leader in electronics’ sustainability. Doug will speaking at the 4th eWaste Management Summit in San Francisco.

National Media

  • E-Waste: Recycle or Refuse?E-Waste: Recycle or Refuse?
    This infographic from Living Green Magazine is certainly the most in-depth visualization ever made about e-waste. Topics include recycling rates, purchasing habits, natural resources use, recycling initiatives and many more. This is a must read piece.


  • CRT Glass Recycling & ManagementCRT Glass Recycling & Management
    An in-depth look at CRT Glass recycling and management with an eye towards the state-by-state regulatory environment. Presented by Lauren Roman, Managing Director of TransparentPlanet at a previous eWaste Summit.
  • Collaborating with R2 Certified RecyclersCollaborating with R2 Certified Recyclers
    R2's Chair, Lynn Rubinstein, shared this presentation about the valyue of R2 certification for proper eWaste management.
  • SHARP an Eco-Progressive CompanySHARP an Eco-Progressive Company
    A case study about SHARP's management of various materials, including plastic, cardboard, batteries and chemicals. Presented at last year's eWaste Summit.

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